The mission of is to document the individual rights and events, which have been abused by Western Seminary and its accreditors, so that others can make informed choices and not be further harmed by this predatory school and its accreditors.

Actions by Western Seminary has paralyzes and destroyed students/families for months or even years, we seek to end such debilitating fatalism, by drawing public attention of issues concerning abuses of power by Western Seminary and its accreditors.


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  • Nov 10 Government Corruption and Educational Fraud. The following is a section of a larger document regarding the government corruption and educational fraud case that the Obama Administration was involved in. This section relates to personal statements directed at Eric Holder and Barack Obama. The final document has not been released.


  • May 13 Dear Mr. President ...In court filings, your administration claims the government cannot be held responsible for making false and misleading statements with the intent to cover up government corruption and educational fraud directly motivated to protect various "insider people," while inflicting as much damage as possible on me and my family...


  • Jul 5 Federal lawsuit: On July 5, 2012, student Randy Chapel and his family filed a tort lawsuit against the United States and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and Commission on Accrediting (Commission) seeking over $40 million in damages. The Commission is recognized by the Department of Education as a national accreditor to approve specific degree programs for seminaries and religious schools across the nation. Western Seminary is one of 28 ATS schools with campuses in California.
  • Jun 21 Federal lawsuit: Misrepresentation of academic degrees is nothing new and it often happens in two main ways: an individual claims to have a degree he or she did not earn (i.e., resume fraud) or the individual has obtained a fraudulent degree from a "diploma mill." The problem is substantial in scope. Supported by the government and two accreditors (ATS and NWCCU), there is now an accepted third way to misrepresent a degree's validity as shown in this action.
  • Apr 2 James A Scharf, Assistant United States Attorney, complaint for misconduct and abuse.

    I [Carol Nye-Wilson] respectfully request appropriate disciplinary action be taken concerning Mr. Scharf who abused me. I request intervention by the Office of Professional Responsibility in order to prevent additional abuse against me (and my son and family) in the future by Mr. Scharf. more...
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