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Steve Korch Video No. 1: In this video, Steve Korch is confronted concerning his sexual misconduct that he had in 1975.

Steve and the people involved at the church who knew about it in 1975, did not tell future churches and Western Seminary after Steve Korch left Covenant Presbyterian Church in Orange, Ca. Steve Korch likely thought it was a bad memory that would never come back on him. So he went about life as if nothing had ever happen, but in the winter/spring of 2005 Randy Chapel was contacted by Jane Doe and Steve Korch's lies had caught up to him.

This is the video at the very moment when he is confronted with his sexual misconduct and emails, including an email in which he wrote back to Jane Doe, which he doesn't deny her claims. Watch his face and body, as he is being confronted concerning what he did to the underaged girl over 30 years ago.

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Steve Korch Demotivational Poster

Demotivational Poster of Steve Korch: Submitted by Matt

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