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Government Corruption and Educational Fraud: The Toxic Legacy of the Obama Administration

If you have not heard, Randy Chapel is a rapist and the most immoral student that Western Seminary has ever had. Apparently, Randy worships the devil, sacrifice babies to Satan, and make porn actors (Randy actually had to look this up) Ron Jeremy or John Holmes look like Christian saints. At least that is what Western Seminary, two accreditors and the Departments of Justice and Education would like you to believe.

The religious parties across the country who are involved in this case, want you to focus and accept their narrative that Randy is a rapist and an immoral student who needs “God,” lacks repentance, lacks remorse, and should be questioned. Without their carefully crafted plan examining his life, without his submission to their version of Christianity, and without predetermined outward signs of “transformation,” Randy shouldn’t continue with his education, or receive his degrees (Master of Divinity and Master of Theology). Unless Randy accepts their narrative and predetermined positions about and for his life, Randy is in the wrong.

It is bad enough that the religious demand you believe this, it is another that government, under the Obama Administation supported and defended it with public money -- but then again, we talking about Obama.

The Contents of the Book
Chapter 1: Education, Authority, Accreditation, and Western Seminary.

This chapter focuses on education in America, the institutional authority of issuing degrees, and the history and application of accreditation in America. After these education qualifiers are examined, the author introduces the main characters, beginning with Western Seminary.

Chapter 1:
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Chapter 2: The Child Molester Steve Korch.

Steve Korch molested a kid in 1975, and some 40 years later he will destroy anyone who exposes him as a Religious fraud. This chapter actually starts earlier than Korch's molestation events in 1975. Steve Korch has a history of deception throughout his entire professional and non-professional career. This chapter investigates Steve Korch’s experiences in school, the Army, his marriage, his publishing, his ministry, and his efforts aided by others to cover up his various underhanded and shady dealings. Videos, and deposition testimonies and exhibits are used in this chapter to expose the real Steve Korch. Korch's Religious façade becomes transparent.

Chapter 2:
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Chapter 3: Section 504 Fraud

In this chapter, Western Seminary’s Section 504 fraud is carefully and thoroughly examined. Western Seminary never had a Section 504 program, a coordinator, or any required policies or procedures prior to the summer of 2005. Western Seminary is actually required to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, in order to be accredited and to legitimately participate in Title IV Federal Student Aid programs. In 2001, Matt Tuck (son of Gary Tuck, Western's Academic Coordinator) was being cheated through school under false claims of "disability." Matt provided no material evidence of disability to Western, and he refused to comply with deposition subpoenas or to provide any testimony. Western Seminary, et al., covered for Matt and Gary Tuck’s Section 504 violations at the same time Western failed to have a Section 504 program, a coordinator, required policies and procedures as required by law. Videos, and deposition testimonies and exhibits are used in this chapter to expose Western Seminary's Section 504 fraud, and how the school and the government corruptly cooperated to cover it all up.

Chapter 3:
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Chapter 4: Malice

Malice is defined as "the intentional doing of a wrongful act toward another without legal justification, or excuse." John B. Stetson University v. Hunt, 88 Fla. 510, 102 So. 637. This chapter deals with the ongoing sexual activity at Western Seminary by students that was known by the school and covered up. It investigates the claims made by Debbie Brumbaugh in frank and descriptive detail using deposition testimony, exhibits, and investigative evidence. This chapter exposes how Debbie aggressively demanded a marriage with Randy Chapel, and how she changed "consensual" to "non-consensual" after Randy refused to marry her, with the intent to destroy Randy, his education, his seminary community, his church fellowship, and his future endeavors. Included are Debbie's most slanderous claims that Western testified it did not investigate and show she actually contradicted herself. Deposition testimonies and exhibits are used in this chapter exposing Western Seminary's actions to destroy Randy's education and ultimately his life and family.

Chapter 4:
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Chapter 5: Settlement and Premeditated Retaliation

This chapter goes into detail regarding the Settlement Agreement Western Seminary demanded of Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson, containing Western Seminary's premeditated retaliation they forced on Randy and then enacted continuously after March 14, 2006, aided by two corrupt accreditation agencies and the government. Videos, testimony and exhibits provide this chapter's exposure of Western's numerous frauds, and the cooperative modus operandi of the school, its accreditors, and the government to cover it all up.

Chapter 5:
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Chapter 6: Accreditation as Systemic Corruption

Higher education is significantly corrupt in America, and Western's accreditors are no exception. Building upon the work in previous chapters, this chapter shows how Western Seminary and its two accreditors willfully colluded together to obstruct justice and abuse their power. They colluded in order to keep Western Seminary open, accredited, and to obstruct justice for two civil cases against Western. The Seminary unlawfully changed the criteria for two theological master degrees, the majority of which was already earned, paid for, and transcripted under published and regulated degree criteria. While ignoring at least forty of its published and regulated standards that applied to both master degrees, ATS nefariously created an "exception" scam to empower Western (and other schools across America) to supersede the U.S. Constitution, the constitutions of all 50 states, state and federal laws (including the HEA, Title IV, and Section 504), Western's Articles of Incorporation, and all high court decisional caselaw. NWCCU actually changed its substantive change policy to accommodate Western. The government had evidence of all the above unlawfulness, and instead of disciplining the accreditors and school as they did in the 2006 ABA case, the same government employees overstepped their power by knowingly covering for Western and its accreditors and obstructing our two civil cases while threatening us to not sue the accreditors. Then the General Counsel sent out an inner-Department "memo" to not communicate with Randy Chapel, Carol Nye-Wilson, and our attorney John Hannon after releasing unlawful and unsubstantiated government letters to Western's accreditors to be used against us and our two civil cases. The government willfully and unlawfully "gave" power to two accreditation agencies and a seminary in violation of the U.S. Constitution and all of America's laws designed by federal and state congresses to protect the public welfare.

Chapter 6:
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Chapter 7: Insurance Fraud and Corruption

Building upon the work in previous chapters, this chapter illustrates how Western's three insurance companies aided and abetted Western's corruption and fraud not only to silence us about child molestations by Korch and Western's corruption, but to keep their own costs down and to cover up their own accountabilities for aiding fraud. Guide One's insurance representative was present during settlement negotiations, and the other out of state insurance companies were updated on progressing negotiations under a flagrant conflict of interest involving a secret and shady money laundry deal paying off-the-books with no tax liability to the child molester, Steve Korch, $25,000 from Western's settlement funds, including Title IV federal student aid cash, deposited under my case title in willful and knowing violations of the settlement agreement of March 14, 2006. All of Western's attorneys and insurance companies, and the mediator (a retired Superior Court judge) willfully participated in this money laundry scam, fraud, and conflict of interest between the mediator and Western, et al.. During our civil cases, Brotherhood Mutual insurance company filed in North District federal court against Guide One Insurance company for not sharing Western's nearly $1-million defense costs against us, that Brotherhood Mutual estimated could result in hefty payouts to us, especially since Guide One participated in and aided the original fraud and corruption within the Settlement Agreement of March 14, 2006.

Chapter 7:
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Chapter 8: Attorneys as Weapons, James A. Scharf and the Government

This chapter reviews how the attorneys in this case acted as weapons to intentionally cause as much personal damage to us as possible. They willfully attacked us knowing Western Seminary, et al., ATS, et al., NWCCU, et al., the insurance companies, the attorneys and mediator, and members of the government were involved in obstruction of justice, abuse of power, racketeering, conspiracy, wire fraud, money-laundry conspiracy, conflicts of interest, making willfully false statements and documents to federal authorities (18 USC § 1001), money laundry, and student aid fraud. The government's abuse of power and obstruction of justice was continuously implemented by government attorneys to cover up the government's willful and knowing participation in the corruption and education fraud.

Chapter 8:
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Chapter 9: Susan Allister

This chapter reviews Susan Allister's relationships, our wedding and marriage, the birth of our son, her divorce action, and the lifetime damage to many people that resulted from leveraging the fraud of Western Seminary, et al., ATS, et al., NWCCU, et al., and members of the government.

Chapter 9:
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Chapter 10: The Emperor’s New Clothes

This chapter summarizes the book, and the testimonies and exhibits. It addresses in detail the racketeering relationships involved in this case. The undisputed facts of the case are itemized and conclusions are drawn regarding the materials presented. President Obama's promises the first days of his presidency to lead a transparent government under Rule of Law are shown to be fantasies.

Chapter 10:
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Epilogue: A Toxic Legacy

The epilogue deals with the aftermath of the major events cited in the book. Substantiated comments encapsulate descriptions of each main character identified in the book with actual, real life outcomes.

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